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Student Testimonials

Robin Davidson

LSIB has realised that today's corporate world is looking for the people who are business ready - from the moment they leave the college education The online learning management system is super easy to use and the course is too simple.


The online learning management system was super easy to use and the course was easy to understand. I was able to take do my course whenever I wanted and from any part of the world. I recommend LSIB to all.


I heard about LSIB from my friend who was currently enrolled with the college. Initially I was hesitant to join an online programme. But somehow my friend convinced me to join the same after showing the course curriculum, assignment pattern and the course support. I was amazed to notice how simple it was to enroll and achieve your dream qualifications without any pressure on the academic front.

Rajesh Malik

Lsib has a fantastic online programme. Intially I was unsure of what to expect, but the course is very well designed especially for people like me who come from non business background with parents working as a government employee. However, now I can see the benefits of the programme which is reflected in my work performance.Studying online with LSIB was really easy and time saving.

Mark Fordham

In this video Mark talks about his experience studying online with LSIB. Mark is a working executive and his job involves lot of travelling. He has appreciated the delivery model at LSIB which gives him flexibility to study anytime, anywhere.

Maria Novarovski

Studying at LSIB enriched my life. I can surely see that my future is totally reliant on the career for which I am grateful for choosing LSIB to complete my masters in HRM.I thankful to the faculties and other staffs.


Right since the beginning, I have been a very hard working student. But my performance has never been upto the mark. I always wanted to enroll into a programme which would enable me to get the education which is directly connected to the requirements of the Job market. I was really disappointed with the type of education options which I was getting around.


LSIB has fantastic online programme. The programme is ideal for people like me who are associated with Banking Industry and have a very hectic schedule. The best part of my MBA with LSIB was that, I could work and still have lot of time to study. I studied at my own pace. Thanks to LSIB, it helped me get into consultancy job. What makes LSIB a unique institution are the lecture delivery methodology.

Xavier McPhee

I chose LSIB for my studies in bachelors. Experienced and approachable faculty members, friendly administration and comphrehensive study materials is the asset of this institution. Thank you LSIB for being a part of my life and for lifelong remembrance and good memories.

Amy Kirby

Amy has 2 kids and her husband is a working professional and raising the kids is her responsibility. She enrolled into the online MBA with LSIB, the programme gave her the independence of pursuing the degree at her own pace and at the same time devote time to her family.

Paul Watyekere

The LSIB level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management is a rewarding and Organisational Management practical oriented programme. The programme's monthly assignments are very practical and driven towards testing candidates on modern organisations management practices in the field of HRM, Financial Management, Communication management, Business Strategy formulation, and research project.

Kora Sarr

The program is very effective and it provides students with the required practical skills to be able to tackle real life challenges in the work place. Ultimately these assignments have developed a confidence in me and greatly enhanced my knowledge and skills in Business issues Ultimately these assignments have developed a confidence in me and greatly enhanced my knowledge and skills in Business.

Oabona Tshane

The course content is relevant and I have enjoyed working on the assignments and being able to come up with practical solutions on my day to day routine.

Fernando Cano

The course gives a good understanding about management, global business and marketing. Very good practice exercises.

Dipak Patel

It was a wonderful experience studying with LSIB, I recommend LSIB to any student who is planning to study with them. I was able to work and study simultaneously without any pressure.

Michal Borowski

The course is cost effective and allows me to join university which is great. Tutor support via chat and email helped me a lot along with suggestions for references for 2 of the modules helped me a lot in completing the coursework.

Alexandrina Moniz Santa Rosa

Really enjoyable course and I learnt a lot. I do like modules and I have developed my skills, and definitely creates links with the industry that I like to be in.


The study material was great, it gives you availability to also do research on your own. Assignments were very clear and the support team helped in everything I've asked for. Thank you!

Marianne Chacon

MBA Great course content and applicability to today’s business. The online format truly allows students to continue focusing on work and study at the same time.


From the admin staff to the external verifiers were impeccable. The time response to email and inquiries were swift.

Ibukun Joseph Oluwagbemiro

I really appreciate this course. It's a great package and it is suitable for anyone that is busy with day to day activities but still wants to advance in their careers.The course contents are also detailed.Thanks a lot.

Bikram Thapa

LSIB is great institution and the teaching quality from institution was very high standard .My lecture feedback about my level 5 diploma in computing course was clear and understandable. I am very happy to receive my Level 5 Diploma in computing.